Managing our health through food

Ella, Nazia, Nysa, Bian

MyFridge is a project designed to digitally store recipes and help one manage their refrigerator. We are inspired to make this because often we see families order takeout or eat out but its not healthy to eat out everyday so we decided to create a website that can help you with that. On our website you can add items to your online fridge that correspond with the items in ones actual fridge, and check when they'll expire. When recipes are added to the website they are saved.

Do you ever find rotten tomatoes in your fridge and feel like you wasted those tomatoes? Do you ever feel like cooking but not knowing what to cook? Do you crave Chinese food? Well, fear not! There is an app for all of that! Our app!

MyFridge can become your own digital fridge that keeps track of the items in your fridge and when they expire. It also stores your recipes.

A lot of our problems involved figuring out how to lay out our webpage using html and css. Until we found bootstrap, a web development framework, we were really frustrated that things weren't going how we expected it to go.

"I need this app! You don't even know how much food died in my fridge when I was in college!"

We love food.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Bank of America NY.