Created by students, for students.

Aashna M, Diane B, Maggie K, Priscilla L, Victoria N

"MyCollegeWingMan", created by high school students for high school students, is here to help make the college research process smoother and less stressful. "MyCollegeWingMan" includes a list of 60 colleges from each U.S. region, the WingMan chatbot for tips and tricks, and a quiz to help match students with a college!

College research websites contain scattered information that’s generally not organized and easy to use. As a result, this makes students feel stressed and causes them to dread the college application process. We solved this problem by creating a website tailored for students in hopes of making them view the application process as easy and stress-free.

To implement this, we developed a quiz to allow students to answer a simple series of questions that eventually give them a list of colleges that are filtered for their needs. To help with the stress aspect of college applications, we added a stress-relief section to our site.

There were some struggles with the implementation of all the ideas. For example, the design of our Home page was difficult to agree on, and the quiz had a few setbacks, such as the repetition of colleges when it gave suggestions for the student who was taking the quiz. One of our biggest challenges was locating the different pieces of information for the 60 colleges from various sources.

"I think the idea is really cool."

We are students, designers, dreamers, programmers, and so much more. As members of the 2018 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, we have spent a substantial amount of time perfecting our site to be tailored for every student with different preferences and needs. As students, ourselves, we understand what is significant to students in the college research and application process. Our website is designed to take the college setting, region, school type, and population into consideration and give students college results that they’ll be satisfied with.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Accenture CHI.