First steps to getting involved with local government

Isha, Soliana, Lisa, Liz

MyBill is a website where users can create an account and log in, and then proceed to use the navigation bar to direct them around different pages of our website. We have a community forum that users can read and add to. The bill section allows users to select up to 4 cause areas and then receive information on bills related to the chosen subject(s). Finally, users can type in the name of a Washington state government representative, and all of that person's contact information will show up.

Not a lot of people are aware of what goes on in the government and how it affects them or other marginalized groups.

MyBill makes it easier for people to be informed and participate in their local government. MyBill is easy and straightforward to use, as people can simply look up a state official and get access to all their contact information.

Learning how to use databases without destroying all of our data was a big challenge for our group. We overcame this technical challenge by a lot of trial and error, and learning from mistakes made by others in our classroom.

"This is such a great app! Love it so much!" - Katie D
"Good job! Useful app" - Santosh J

MyBill was created to bring awareness about what’s going on in our government and our community. Users can select their subject(s) of interest, from which you are given a list of current and upcoming bills related to that subject. Users can also communicate with others in their communities in the community forum, as well as contact local representatives of Washington state.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Seattle).