Let the music take you there

Megan B, Ruby S

Music Maps is a website that lets New Yorkers or those visiting the city find music related locations nearby. By using Google Maps and Geolocation, users can look at a map and see the closest music related marked nearby them. They can also learn more about the location, including a basic summary, an address, a picture, and directions to get there.

Both of us are New Yorkers, and among many interests, we love to learn more about the city’s rich history, especially related to music. However, we’ve realized that we’re surrounded with places that have been essential to the development of music within the city, and we have no idea. We wanted to have a centralized platform specifically dedicated to educating others about New York City’s musical history.

We decided to create a website that will let people learn about the musical history of their surroundings. As you walk through the city, you can look at our website and see music related sites that are nearby you on a map, and learn a little bit about them. You can also look at a list of all the locations we’ve included in the map and find directions to get there.

One of the challenges we faced was navigating the Google Maps API and getting the Geolocation API to work with the Marker API. Eventually, though, we were able to get this to work by combining both of the APIs. Another challenge we faced was getting the API to work once the website was published on Github. However, we realized that we needed an API key to get the Geolocation to work and our instructors helped us obtain one.

Megan and Ruby are high school students from New York City. They met while participating in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program. They both love New York City and wanted to help people get to know it a little better.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AIG - Ada Lovelace.