Find new music by artist, genre, or lyrics!

Sophie T & Delaney W

This project shows the front end for a music database where users can find information about popular artists and songs, and search for new music to listen to.

Many music lovers struggle to find new music, especially when they are too young to sign up for music streaming services like Spotify.

We developed a database where music lovers can explore new music without creating an account. This makes our app accessible to all.

One technical problem we faced was making a back end for our project. Although it is still in progress, we are working off of an example of an app with a back end from our Facilitator. For now, our project includes a front end with some sample information.

Ravenscroft Middle School Girls Who Code Music Group is made up of one 7th grader and one 8th grader who love music and want to share it with their friends. Neither girl knew how to code at the beginning of the Club, but they took on an ambitious JavaScript app on and learned a lot!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Ravenscroft Middle School Girls Who Code Music Group.