An Interactive Art Installation

Zoe W, Rita V, Daniela A

Mural Marker allows people to create a collaborative drawing on the wall using just their movements. Multiplayer mode gives each person their own line and the ability to erase it, and emphasizes the social aspect. Single player mode allows for more precise drawings through the use of hand gestures to turn the brush on and off.

We wanted create technology that made people engage with the world around them, instead of another reason to look at a screen. We especially wanted to encourage social interaction and engagement with the arts.

Mural Maker turns your movements and interactions into a unique drawing, which encourages collaboration and physical activity. When placed in an art context like the Wynwood murals, it also gets people interested in art around them by giving the ability to leave their mark in a non-destructive way.

C# was not part of the GWC curriculum, so we learned through YouTube videos, the help of our teachers, and lots of trial and error.


We are a group of high school Juniors and Seniors in Miami who are passionate about computer science and art.

Zoe is an art and graphic design student, Daniela is an art and architecture student, and Rita designs a clothing brand called VegaToons.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - MDC - Ada Lovelace.