Shannon C., Sabrina C.

MovieRadar is an easily accessible website that helps users find similar movies.

To make an easily accessible website that would help users find similar movies, both in theaters and not.

Using the TasteDive API and The Movie Database API, our team was able to generate a list of related movies based on the user’s input.

Because we had no previous experience working with APIs, our team had a difficult time understanding the concept and implementing it in our program. We also had limited access to certain APIs and were not able to work with the ones we had originally planned. The TasteDive API provided us with a database of movies, but it did not include movies in theaters, which we discovered on our last coding day. This led to us not including those similar movies that are currently playing in theaters.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Shannon Chau and Sabrina Chang are both currently seniors.

Shannon values her family the most, and movies are a big part of their family bonding time, so she wanted to create a website that would recommend related movies, both in theaters and not.

Having always been interested in film, Sabrina wanted to create a website that helps others find related movies.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GoDaddy Bay Area.