Isabelle G, Magen C, HaoNa W

Our mission is to create a stress-free learning environment by providing students with the resources they need to succeed. The Motivation Window is a forum for students to discuss everything from academics to mental support. We want students to collaborate amongst themselves to share tips and tricks, encouragement, and helpful resources which will ultimately reduce stress.

In addition, we give student access to resources to develop skills. There are 6 categories of resources: learning code, academic help, study guides, videos, new languages, and improving organization skills.

High schoolers are constantly under pressure, as schoolwork consumes most of a teen’s life. As their workload increases, their anxiety levels do as well. Such anxiety bestows numerous other problems on students, including mental and physical illnesses. According to the American Psychological Association, 58% of teens report feeling stressed during the school year. Many teens also report feeling overwhelmed (31%) and depressed or sad (30%) as a result of stress. The ability to perform well on tests reflects highly on a student’s image of themselves because many students interpret these grades as a depiction of their own worth and true abilities. Thus, if a student receives a mediocre grade, they may increase the statistic of teens who report fatigue or feeling tired (36%) and teens who report skipping a meal (23%) due to stress. This is due to an increasing workload requiring students to exert numerous hours into their studies, and this usually places a large toll on the number of hours a student sleeps per night, as well as how much they eat.

The goal of this website is to provide a trusted tool for all students to be motivated about learning and have access to the right resources to succeed. We created “Motivation Sphere”, a website created by students for students, with the purpose of promoting a stress-free environment for learning. Such resources make it easier for a student to learn, and a better grasp on material will allow a student to perform better on schoolwork and tests. This can lower depression rates among teens, as grades play a large role on a high schooler’s confidence and self-image. We encourage students to collaborate amongst themselves to share tips and tricks, encouragement, helpful resources which will ultimately reduce stress as well.

One challenge we face is adding our code with existing code on Bootstrap. It was our first time using Bootstrap, and we spent some time to understand the code, such as reading through documentation/comments. For example, we had some problems with changing the header background image. The Bootstrap template included the same header background file name throughout their code. To add our own background image, we replaced the name of their header background image with our own image file name.

"It is very useful for teens and college students. This website provides an opportunity for students to be encouraged and motivated."

"I think more visual input will make the website even more interesting, especially some people are visual learners like me."

"I'd definitely use this website, not only because the resource is free. I will learn so much!"

We are three high school students who participated in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Moody’s.

Isabelle is our Lead Researcher. She is sixteen years old, and grew up and currently lives in the Bronx. Her favorite subjects in school are history and math, and she hopes to incorporate these subjects together for her undergraduate major. Her role in this project included gathering research in regards to student resources. She says, “My team and I understand that many students are facing stresses about academic works from school; therefore, we created this website to provide free resources open to any students who want to learn freely to make a change”. Her contact info includes LinkedIn and Facebook.

Magen is our Lead Developer. She is a rising high school senior at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts from Toronto, Canada, where she studies music. She is a co-founder and lead developer of “Motivation Sphere”. Her idea in creating this website according to her is: “‘Motivation Sphere’ was created for students by students with the purpose of creating a stress-free environment for learning. Thanks to my teammates, we were able to make this happen.” Her contact info includes LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

HaoNa is our Lead Designer. She is a rising high school junior from Long Island, NY. As a co-founder of “Motivation Sphere”, her role was designing the websites template and web layout, and to make sure the websites’ functionally met our needs and expressed our purpose well. By designing a web to become functional, a branch of her role also managed to bring all the ideas together from the team. Her contact info includes LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (NYC).