Destress yourself

Lisa M, Hui S, Chinelo O, Cindy T

Our website, Moonbow, explores different stress-relief activities. There are a variety of activities featured on our site, ranging from videos to quotes to movies. Our motto is "ad astra per aspera," which roughly translates to "to the stars through hardship." We believe that through hard work, dedication, and determination you can achieve your goals. Moonbow is here to help you on your journey by providing a de-stressing environment for you to thrive.

Oftentimes, we are so engaged in our everyday life, and so overwhelmed with stress that we forget to take care of ourselves and our minds.

Our website, Moonbow, explores different stress-relief activities. Moonbow serves as a "safe-place," a friend who's always there for you no matter how stressed you are. It provides a place for the user to relax and try out different things.

Our team was not that familiar with JavaScript. We wanted our site to have animation. In order to do so, we used our resources and were able to learn more about the language and incorporate it into our website.

"I love the name. It's like a rainbow with no rain and a moon instead. Get it? Not rainbow, but MOONBOW." -Isabella R.

Hi! We’re Team Moonbow.

We are four girls from the Greater Boston area and we participated in the SIP hosted at Akamai.

Hui – I am a rising junior at Boston Latin School. When I find time, I like to read fiction books and swim as much as possible. I am also part of my school literary magazine, community service club, world wildlife club, and swim team.

Chinelo – I am a rising junior at Milton High School. I am an avid fan of sleeping. I also like brownies, and orange chicken… actually anything chicken. I strongly recommend the ice-cream and egg puff from the store Ice Age. I play soccer. When I grow up I hope to be an activist and a pediatrician in order to better the world, and take care of children.

Cindy – I am a rising junior at Quincy High School. Some of my favorite things in the world are bubble tea, caramel, and ramen. So healthy, right? I enjoy graphic design and coding. I love stationary and may have a slight addiction to buying pens. I only drink heavily flavored coffee. In my free time, you can catch me sleeping, reading, or eating.

Lisa – I am a rising senior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. I’m a defender for my school lacrosse team. I am a peer mediator and mentor. Things I like to do in my free time are explore Boston and volunteering. One fun fact about me is I love helping kids with disabilities.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Akamai.