Travel to different planets, listen to music, create avatar, receive tips, collect stars, and fight aliens.

Anna D, Ruhuan L, Mariana M, Carolyn B

"Mood Planet" provides a unique interactive experience where you can travel to different planets based on your mood. Our solution is to help raise awareness for young children dealing with mood swings or bipolar disorders.

The problem is the lack of awareness and support for kids dealing with mental health disorders.

To address this, we created a positive way for kids to adjust their mood and be creative.

Some challenges we faced were coding software glitches and trying to import the game (using HTML) on the website.

"Mood Planet is so clever and there are many fun features."

Our group consists of four hard working coders. We enjoyed developing this project and creating the features that contribute well in the game.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Synchrony (STM).