Move forward with focus.

Riya G, Brianna G, Valeria P, Maya S

"Momentum" offers a quick to-do list, which allows students to promptly jot down exactly what they need to do. The website also offers a Progress Bar that enables students to track how far they have gotten in their assignment. Also, a Calendar is available to mark assignments and their due dates. With these assignments added to the calendar, there is an Assignment Overview so the student can view a more detailed version of the task (i.e. class, number of problems, etc). Finally, there is a Resource page where some of the most popular educational websites, like Khan Academy, are featured so the students can visit them directly.

School can feel overwhelming with trying to finish homework, studying for big exams, and managing extracurricular activities.

"Momentum" is a website that helps students manage important due dates in a convenient place. They can use this tool to organize their time spent on doing schoolwork.

One of the most difficult challenges in making this project was trying to make it interactive for the user. A lot of what we had learned with web development related to the more visual aspects of creating a website rather than focusing on user input. We needed to figure out how the user could input their assignments and be able to look at them again when needed. With the help of our teachers, we were able to use local storage in order to make this possible. This way, when people input their personal assignments onto their personal computer, they would still be there when they returned to our website at another time.

Riya, a rising junior, and Brianna, a rising senior, attend Archimedean Upper Conservatory. Maya and Valeria, rising juniors, attend Coral Reef Senior High School. They are all thankful for the opportunity Girls Who Code provided them to be able to give them the necessary tools and skills to create this project.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GWC FIU Miami.