Sammy D., Dominique E., Jazzmin M.

Our project is a runner game that runs on Python and uses the Pygame library. It’s a game about a mother who has to avoid bad guys and catch the baby objects to help her baby. Every envelope adds to a score which in turn corresponds to a tip that the player receives at the end of the game. This game is targeted to young mothers who may benefit from some tips and hacks about motherhood.

The problem we are trying to address is a lack of education of motherhood that many young mothers experience. They may be the first in their friend groups to become a mother so they could benefit from some help.

We are addressing the problem by creating a game that lets the mom catch things that would be helpful for their babies and avoiding harmful things. Also, at the end of the day the mom receives tips and hacks about motherhood.

One technical difficulty that we had in creating our project was getting the tips to show up at the end of game. This was hard because we had to randomize the tips according to the envelopes collected by the mom. We overcame this by making a variable for the tips and the collision of the envelopes.

Jazzmin M juggles track and tutoring on a daily basis. She never really thought coding was an option but after Girls Who Code, she is interesting in taking future computer science courses.

Sammy D plays volleyball and tennis. She enjoys crocheting, and coding video games!

Dominique E is involved in many activities like band, tennis, Model United and many more. I have now come to find an interest in computer science and hope to continue gaining my knowledge in this interesting field.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Microsoft (NYC).