Jennifer L. , Sandy Chung, Sarah P. , Fathia J.

We believe mental health is something that needs to be addressed, especially due to the reasoning that this subject has been dismissed for so long. So, Let's Address it. As teens of today's society, we have seen the neglection of mental illness on our peers, friends, family, and many others. The stress of an overwhelming workload, the constant pressure of conforming to social standards, and much more, has taken a toll on many. We created this website is to reassure those that they are not alone and they have resources and options availible. We want to be one of the options.

We are trying to address that your mind DOES matter and it's really important to have a good and healthy mind.

We are addressing this problem with our project by addressing the issue and raising awareness for mental illnesses.

One challenge we overcame was implementing the chat using firebase. We overcame this challenge with the help of our amazing T.As' (Erica and Patricia) and teacher (Sarah).

Jennifer Le – 17 years old, rising senior, from San Lorenzo

Sarah Padilla  – 17 years old, rising senior, from San Leandro

Fathia Jirde – 17 years old, rising senior, from Fresno

Sandy Chung – 16 years old, rising senior, From San Lorenzo

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pixar.