D'Anne A. , Samantha S

We created a website for emotions. In our website we have music playlists, video playlists, and an advice page. We also have a map.

Our website main goal is to make people feel better and have them feeling ready for any emotion they come across. The problem that people have is that they have an emotion that they either want to get rid of (ex. Being sad) or just want to intensify the emotion (ex. Being happy) and they don't have a way to do that,. Also some people don't have anyone to talk to or they are too shy to ask someone for advice. So we decided to solve that problem and give people a way to express themselves.

By giving them a way to express their feelings in a positive way.

We had a problem downloading php to our computer so we used google forms instead.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at ATT (Atlanta 1).