Give the app the calorie count, it'll give you exercises to burn it off

Salah L, Rose R, Chantal C

This app provides users to be able to see how harmful snack foods really are. It takes a given input of calories and returns a list of exercises you can choose from to burn off the given calories along with tutorials and tips for the workouts.

Today, people try to be careful with what they eat by being aware of calories. However, many snack foods come off healthy and have the calorie count to back it up, but most people don’t take into account how many servings are in each package and may find themselves taking in maybe double or triple the calories they thought they were taking in due to the fact that they consumed more than one serving in the package.

We plan on having our users be able to scan food items they’re thinking of buying so that they can see just how much work they’d have to put in just to burn off the extra calories being taken in. Our app will be set up in a way so that the user can input the calories in their food and the app will return the nutrition facts including a calorie count and basic nutrition values as well as a list of suggested workouts that would burn the calories in a set number of minutes.

We found it difficult at times to work with the PhoneGap developer as well as the common debugging. We also ran into an issue where we had to code on one computer because we would come across instances where a feature would work in one person's code and not the other and vice versa.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at TripAdvisor.