Educational resources for family members and friends of mentally ill teens.

Betselot, Leslie, Ody, Ally

Mentaliteen is a website that provides information about common mental illnesses in teens. A list of symptoms, signs of a mental illness in a teen, and tips on how to help a teen with a particular mental illness are included for each illness. Mentaliteen also includes a general list of tips on how to help a teen with a mental illness, as well as a list of resources for support.

While there are many resources for mentally ill teens, there are not many online-resources available for the friends and family of mentally ill teens.

To solve this issue, we decided to provide resources to help mentally ill teens in the form of a website.

One problem we faced was being able to add and change content in our code efficiently. The Ctrl-Alt shortcut, which allows you to create multiple cursors in Github, helped us overcome this problem.

Bestelot is currently 16 years old, a junior at Tyee High School, and enjoys dog memes.

Leslie is currently 16 years old, a junior in high school going to Bellevue College (with the Running Start program), and enjoys laughing while making eye contact.

Ody is currently 17 years old and a senior at Nathan Hale High School. She enjoys watching Pixar movies and being loud.

Ally is currently 16 years old and a senior at Kamiak High School. She enjoys ironically dabbing and Chai Lattes.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Seattle).