Maya L, Hana A, Maribel O

Our project is a website that provides information and help to dementia patients, their families, and anyone looking to learn more about memory loss. We focused our efforts on making a memory maze game, where the user has to memorize the location of the dots and maneuver the maze to collect them in a certain order. In our website, we used our maze game as an example of how something so simple could help prevent memory loss problems further down the road. We also provided helpful links to sites that provide more information about dementia.

Approximately 50 million people live with dementia in the world. Although people know that memory loss comes with old age, they take no action to prevent the development of dementia.

We built this site and game to bring awareness to the symptoms and preventive methods available so that anyone can be proactive about helping themselves and their loved ones.

One of the problems we encountered was that the sprite moved very slowly because, if it moved at any speed other than 10 pixels at a time, the sprite would be able to move through the walls of the maze. We solved this problem by creating boolean variables to keep track of whether a key was being pressed or not. We used 'if' statements in the main 'while' loop to check whether the boolean values were true. As long as one of the arrow keys was held down, the boolean variable associated 'true' with that key, allowing the sprite to keep moving.

"Your project is creative, visually appealing, and challenging."

We are three high school students who have a variety of skill levels in computer science, but what the three of us have in common is wanting to help others while using computer science. In doing so, we also want to change the gender inequality of women in engineering and computer science. We came to Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program to become leaders and create a sisterhood with other girls who have a similar passion in computer science and female empowerment.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Bay Area).