Explore music to find what you love!

Puloma K, Anjana S, Eleanor B, Emily W

"MeloBox" is a platform designed for music lovers across the world to have access to a wide variety of information in one place. Through our website, users can discover new artists, genres, songs, and upcoming tours/events of their favorite musicians. "MeloBox" utilizes APIs with incredible search capabilities and large databases, improving the overall quality and accuracy of our site. Our product changes the user’s musical experience by giving them easy, consolidated access to a variety of music information. "MeloBox" gives people the power to shape their listening experience and allows for the most unique musical journey possible.

We are trying to help music lovers find artists, songs, and events. This information is not generally available in one place and we want to help those who are having trouble finding new things to listen to. We want to expand and diversify the pool of music and artists while also making it easier to navigate the huge amounts of music currently available.

We’ve made a whole site that addresses multiple areas of the listening experience: finding similar artists and events for musicians users already love, finding the top songs for any country to diversify their favorite songs, and a digital piano to inspire more new musicians.

The first problem that we had was trying to implement the Bootstrap into our website. Since we had never used it before, we had to figure it out on our own.

The second issue we found was that we could not change the backgrounds in the other page links. The way that we bypassed this was by creating different ID's for the body tags on each page. The last problem that we had was trying to have letters above the piano keys on the virtual keyboard. We fixed this by increasing the font size of the letter.

Eleanor Bangs

Eleanor is an aspiring aerospace engineer. When she’s not listening to loud electronic music or reading tech news, she enjoys coding, screenwriting, and playing video games.

Puloma Katiyar

Puloma is an aspiring computer scientist / molecular biologist and an amateur astrophotographer. When she’s not focused on science, she can be found playing video games, listening to music, and hiking.

Anjana Sriram

Anjana is an avid music listener and budding computer scientist. In her free time, she enjoys singing, playing the piano, dancing, and coding.

Emily Watt

Emily is an aspiring computer scientist. In her free time, she enjoys singing, learning new songs on her piano or ukulele, playing video games with friends, and trying new chilling face masks.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Facebook.