Begin playing our maze by using the arrow keys to navigate through the maze!

Preethi M., Sophy P., Angie L., Labanya M.

Maze With Us is a fun and interactive game that follows the life of a girl, Alexa. Each level of the maze brings forth new challenges in the lives of girls. By successfully completing each level, Alexa will slightly grow up. This game functions to bring awareness to everyone about the challenges girls have to face.

The problem that we wanted to solve was the lack of games that girls could play that didn’t fall under gender stereotypical roles. We thought that the best way to do this would be to create a game that girls could play that would be different than the ones they were used to, while still bringing attention to the challenges that girls face. Our group wanted to raise awareness about the obstacles women and girls face on a daily basis.

We addressed the issue by making a maze-type of game that educates everyone about the challenges that girls and women face everyday. We decided to share facts about women in current society. Our main character, Alexa starts out as a baby and grows up to become an adult. During each level, Alexa tackles obstacles pertaining to a certain age level. The obstacles that baby Alexa faces are more gender neutral but as Alexa grows, gender and societal stereotypes come into play
We added links of websites that could help and offer more information about societal issues on our website where we hosted our game.

A technical problem we faced was learning how to use Tiled Map Editor, this was a new program that none of us knew how to use. It was difficult because there was a learning curve compared to other groups that were using Phaser or Pygame. We overcame this obstacle by researching online and taking time aside to learn how use this program. Additionally, our instructor, Alex went over how to use the program as well.

"This project is very important, the ideas you used were very good and targeted important things, such as gender stereotypes."-Shawn Cartwright (paraphrased)

Team GrowUp features four members from various schools across the Bay Area. Sophy is interested in combining aspects of psychology with computer science. Angie is a rising junior who is interested in impacting the world. Preethi is a rising junior who aims to creating meaningful projects to help others. Labanya is a rising junior who enjoys computer science. Each group member brings new attributes and skills that we incorporate into our projects.  Our first project is MAZE WITH US, we hope to further develop projects in the future.


This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Bay Area).