Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach Girls Who Code Club

Using Bootstrap To Spread the Word

Madison C, Aliya N, Eva G, Elena S, Emily M, Mounika V, Dinah D, Carolina D, Clarissa W, Maitri W, Grace S, Elisabeth S, Manuela R, Michael P, Amanda K, Jenevieve N, Aliya N, Sarah M, Emily M, Lan L, Lindsay, Martina K, Eva G, Hannah G, Hannah F, Maria F, Aliyah D, Dina D, Hazel C, Gabrielle C, Isabella C, Kaitlyn B

We were figuring out a way to spread the word about our local coding club, while choosing also deciding on a project to focus on.

Finding free web space that would also allow us to be creative and explore our interests.

Using open source tools and technologies and making sure everyone is learning and helping each other.

Using content delivery networks and to help each other learn web development. GetBoostrap provided a great way to make our website responsive.

The Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach 2016 – 2017 Girls Who Code club focused on building a community of coders dedicated to helping other students learn about computer programming. Our group worked with python and a suiteĀ open source web development technologies to make our club homepage:

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach.