Manage Advantage

Manage Advantage

Sheva G, Nisha B, Gabrielle B, Jay M

This game was made to spread awareness about time management and how if not done wisely, could be detrimental to your life. In our game, the user plays a college student and makes choices that balance different aspects of their life. Based on what the user chooses, their social, physical, and academic well being are affected. Some students do not realize that physical health is also deeply connected to academic and social well-being. For instance, inconsistent sleep lowers energy levels which can have their grades tremendously affected. This is a critical problem that many students run into, but do not necessarily acknowledge.

We are trying to address the time management and indecisiveness issue that students tend to have a difficult time controlling.

We have made a more user friendly approach for our audience which are high school and college students. We did this by using relevant scenarios that typical students tend to go through. As it intrigues more students to use our product and many young people enjoy interactive programs compare to an informative website.

The buttons were challenging to code. We decided to change the approach which significantly improved the program.

Hi, we are Sheva, Gabby, Jay, and Nisha. Sheva is a senior at SKA high school for girls, loves pizza, and reading a good book. Gabby is a senior at JFK high school, loves running, and plays the clarinet. Jay is a junior at Edward R. Murrow High School, plays guitar, and is on the wrestling team. Nisha is a junior in Academy of Finance High School, enjoys adventuring, and likes to learn about different aspects of the business department.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (NYC).