Claire M, Amber R, Natalie V

We built a website with a quiz that helps indecisive people choose what they want to study in college. It also provides them with information about various college majors and statistics about jobs and salaries.

We wanted to solve the problem of people not knowing what they wanted to be or didn’t know what they could be after they graduate from high school.

We addressed this problem by creating a website that suggests fields of study to people based on a personality quiz that we designed. It also allows people to learn more information about each type of degree.

In creating the quiz for our website, we had to learn JavaScript. This posed a lot of problems, given that the quiz uncovered a much greater challenge than we realized. We ran into a lot of trouble trying to associate the answer choices (written in HTML) with values that would add points to each result options in JavaScript. We used Stack Overflow and W3Schools, and help from our teachers and TA’s, and eventually got it working after many days of trying different ideas.

"It is so accurate!!"
"I got Computer Science!"
"What a great nav bar!"

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Autodesk.