Magnet News

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Audri S., Ayni M., Blaine A., Manvi S.

Magnet News provides an eclectic library of credible political news sources while acknowledging the influences of bias. Aimed towards teens, the website is designed for user information and interaction; from information about currently debated topics and those with political power to polls and fact-debunking. Magnet News will always be relevant as it continually updates and inspires teens to express more justified political opinions.

Many teens express political apathy despite the ever evolving political dynamics in the country. As future voters, it's important that they, one day contribute to accurately represented election turnouts.

Magnet News introduces teenagers to politics in a way that encourages them to form justified opinions. Topics and relevant political figures are explained factually then headlines and updates are categorized by political party affiliations. It's in this way that teenagers can become politically aware with as little influence from someone else's biases and rather be in control of how they stay aware of current events.

We initially attempted to implement web APIs from news sources. Only to discover, this process is often not compatible with many news sources and pulls general news updates rather the specifically political ones. We then found using RSS Feeds as a more efficient and compatible alternative, as XML files from an RSS Feed can very easily be embedded into HTML code using a feed reader.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Microsoft (Seattle).