A showcase of things created, done, and run by women!

Megan N., Hope S., Jordan T., Sydney M.

The purpose of our website is to showcase the achievements and work of women in our personal and international community as well as provide a forum for girls to share their own creations and find like-minded individuals and inspiration. Our website uses Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and Django for user input and we had to a lot of research for content.

Women are rising in society but nevertheless it is sometimes hard for them to get their creations going and put their brand out there.

Made By Women is here to do precisely that and share what is being created and done by women on a daily basis. This showcase of female power is meant to inspire every coming generation to be aware of what women are doing and show them that they can do anything. Serving as both an inspirational and informative platform, Made By Women, is here to do it all, just like women can and are doing!

As an added bonus Made By Women is also here to serve as a forum for users to upload their own work, thoughts, and women of THEIR community who are accomplishing great things!

The major challenge for us was getting user registration and login to work and using Django to allow user input in the form of posts and pictures. We worked on this by doing hours of research, working at home, working with the teaching staff and other groups who were undergoing similar problems, and watching lots of tutorials!

"You girls are the future!"

Made By Women is made by a group of rising junior and senior girls from the Girls Who Code Disney Location in Los Angeles.

We are all interested in female empowerment and had a lot of fun working on and researching for our project!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Disney.