A journey where your dreams are the destinations

Gloria S, Dewan F, Denielle P, Trinity H

Lucid is a text adventure, in a real life ap; where the user faces wizards, aliens, and werewolves, in order to reach the end of their dreamscape mission. The user can accomplish their challenge by walking outside, and journeying to a google maps marker; or they could attempt to engage in the story mode by hitting the button for the corresponding adventure they would like to take.

The problem is that society nowadays is too tense, and dull. People don’t realize the excitements in life, until they experience something great, and sudden; and when they do experience this greatness, it is mostly in their dreams.

We addressed the problem by creating a text adventure type game called Lucid. In this game, users are given the choice of going into four types of storylines: Fantasy, Horror, Deathly Hallows, and Space Exploration. Here the user delves deeper into their imagination, and creativity in order to beat the challenges that they face; and with these challenges they see how their choices, no matter how small, effect their future outcome.

One technical problem that we faced was being able to get the geolocation to update with the user’s steps. We overcame this challenge with many website tutorials, and YouTube videos.

Our group name is ScatterBox and we created Lucid to expand people’s imagination with different scenarios, and how their choices have a domino effect on their life. Gloria is a rising junior who spends most of her time listening to music, and reading the next New York Times Bestseller. Trinity is a rising senior who spends restless nights reading high rating, paranormal romance books, while listening to heavy rock music. Dewan is also a rising senior and loves spends her time watching tv shows and hangout with friends. Denielle is a rising senior who enjoys making art and playing indie horror games.


This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Verizon (Newark #2).