Empowering a generation

Grace J, Tyra M, Fran L, Valerie L, Angela Z

Loop is a political app and website curated for teens, used to explain the news rather than report on it. It also includes a local page so they can see what's going on in their city to hopefully encourage them to get involved. We encourage discussion by haven't a comments section and polls.

There’s a lack of political education amongst teens, leaving our generation uninformed about current politics. Many news sites are curated towards an older generation and require background knowledge from the reader, making it difficult for teens to stay informed about issues. This affects our generation because many teens wish to make a change, but they don’t know how to navigate the political world.

We wanted to resolve this problem by creating a space that explains the news rather than just reporting on it. Our idea is original because it is aimed toward teens and gives them a platform on which to create change within their community. Our product would be easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible to our generation through an app and website.

This was also our first time coding in Swift so we had to split our time between learning the language and coding the app.

"This seems like something really applicable to your peers." -TA

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Indeed.