Learn about Equity and Equality.

Brooke G, Rachel E, Ziah D

"LIFEE" stands for "Living In Full Equity and Equality". Not many people know the difference between Equity and Equality, or realize that there is a severe lack of both in our society. We decided to choose three areas to represent this: educational equality, gender equity, and religious equality. In our game, educational equality is portrayed by flying textbooks, which help you gain points, and religious inequality through anti-coexist signs, which make you lose points. Our obstacle for gender inequity is a cat-caller, a representation of harassment. If the player touches the cat-caller, they have to start over.

A picture describing Equity versus Equality
A screenshot of the LIFEE game in action

We realized one rarely discussed and not commonly understood topic is the difference between equity and equality, as well as the severe lack of both in our world.

We created an interactive game to help explain the struggles surrounding these topics so that the user can learn and have fun simultaneously.

During this project, we faced many difficulties surrounding the creation of a game. We knew we wanted to create a game, but we didn’t know where to start. We figured out the basics, but the first few days of coding went slowly because we were still getting a hang of things. Eventually, we were able to speed up the process to get it done.

"Highly addictive, I just couldn't stop playing this game! Very educational!!"

Team Zibra is made up of three rising high school juniors. Brooke goes to Carson Graham Secondary School in Vancouver, BC, and likes to sail competitively and volunteer with her dog as a therapy animal team. Rachel goes to Derech Emunah, an all-girls private school, and likes to code or watch Star Wars whenever she can. Ziah goes to University Prep, likes art, and enjoys volunteering at the zoo.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at EY SEA.