Eliminating the language barrier

Ana S, Jamiles J, Catherine M, Vanessa M

Learn Ingles is a website that helps people learn basic English. In can help in common situations where the person might not have their children to translate for them. Many of these situations include the supermarket, school, the work place, and the doctor.

The initial problem is that since today’s society revolves around mostly speaking English, Hispanics are being excluded for not knowing the language. Many adults are not taken seriously because they are not able to communicate with others when being in public. For example, a person might go to the doctor for a certain pain but might not be able to describe such because their doctor only speaks English and understands little or no Spanish. We have personally experienced this with family members and intend to help them and others so that they would all feel included and supported by today’s society.

To fix the problem, we created a website in Spanish that teaches people the most common phrases used in specific situations. Those include, the supermarket, the doctor’s office, the job, and school. We came up with the words/phrases in Spanish and translated them to English and also provided a way to pronounce each. In case they feel our website is not enough for them, we also give them other websites they can go to and learn more English.

We had a problem getting the buttons to work. We couldn't get the buttons to close when the user clicked on it again. We overcame this problem by reading the whole code over again and inspecting the code together. Only to find out that it was a comma, or a misspelled word, or a parentheses.

"With Learn Ingles I now feel comfortable holding a conversation with my English speaking friends"

We are a group of girls who learned how to code in this program called, “Girls Who Code.” We are a group of teenagers motivated to enhance our career in computer science. We have made this web page because we have family that speak Spanish and need help everyday to be able to communicate.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at IBM (NYC).