Lazy Fridge

Lazy Fridge

Cook lazy, eat smart.

Ada H, Nikhita B, Isabel G, Riya D

Imagine you come home from a long day of work, and all you want is a hot meal...but you don’t want to go out. You open the fridge all ready to cook, until you realize that your fridge is nearly empty, except for some chicken. Well, you might think that you’re doomed. And you probably were, until Lazy Fridge came along. Lazy Fridge is an android application that allows you to input your ingredients and instantaneously get a list of recipes with the corresponding ingredients.

Lazy Fridge aims to solve 2 problems: food wastage and inconvenience. We were appalled to by the fact that so much food is wasted and we wanted to help minimize this, so we created Lazy Fridge. We also found that there wasn’t an app that allowed users to use the resources they had to make a meal, so we wanted to create a convenient way.

We are addressing these issues through our android application called Lazy Fridge.

Back-End Problems:
Combining frontend and back end
Didn’t understand why the app was crashing sometimes.
Learning about the different widgets that could be added into Android Studio.
Understanding how to print data and learning more about object oriented programming
Working with multiple Java pages and files at once

Solution to Back-End Problems:
We had to a watch a lot of YoutTube tutorials and get assistance from our teacher.

Front-End Problems:
The app would keep crashing whenever we would add extra buttons to our slides.
Sometimes the program showed that we had no errors, but when we would run it on the phone, the app wouldn’t launch.
Also, it was very difficult to adjust the Android Studio layouts because many of them were pre-programmed.

Solution to Front-End Problems:
We watched a few Youtube tutorials, but most of the problems were fixed by playing around with the different layouts and using fundamental programming logic.

"I need this app in my right now."

Hi! We are the creators of Lazy Fridge and our team wanted to create a fun and convenient way for people to use the limited resources in their fridge to create magical dishes! Our team consisted of Ada Hu, a rising senior at Granada Charter High School, Nikhita Buddhiraju, a rising senior at Moorpark High School, Isabel Garzaro, a rising junior at San Gabriel Mission High School, and Riya Dulepet, a rising junior at Chaminade High School.


This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Disney.