study, take quizzes, learn new languages

Lekabel A, Harmony B, Elsa P.

The point of this website is to teach children that fall between the age of four and eight how to read, write, and speak Spanish. In today's society, a lot of jobs seek employees that can speak multiple languages. However, the educational system starts requiring students to take foreign language classes when they start middle school or high school. By then, it is harder for students to learn a new language. Thus, our goal is to start teaching younger children how to speak other languages---Spanish---so that they can be proficient at an early age. We also utilized Kahoot as a platform for the quizzes.

The educational system usually requires that older children in middle school and high school learn a foreign language. Unfortunately, Elementary students are not given the chance to learn a new language until later. By this time, it is harder for them to learn a new language. We believe that it is easier for children to learn new languages when they are young, which is why we decided to create this website.

We created a website that give the viewers information about our project and website. Also, we made the website child-friendly, so that kids were having fun but learning new concepts at the same time. The children would learn new words by studying our glossary; then, they take their quizzes on Kahoot.

We had some difficulty with the coding process because we are still beginners. However, we overcame our obstacles and completed our project. Also, we had a lot of ideas, but we had to narrow it down and focus on the important functions.

"We hit bumps along the road, but I am so proud of our outcome"- Harmony Bryant

"This website demonstrates how much we can do if we place our mind to it. This website can help actual children in real life."- Lekabel Abul

"Amazing idea"-Vanessa O.

Lekabel Abul- I am currently a senior at McKinley Technology High School. I am taking engineering courses, and I plan to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I think that this project is important because I took Spanish in middle school and high school. However, I’ve had some hard time learning the language. It is essential that children start learning languages as early as four years old so they can maintain everything they learn.

Harmony Bryants- I attend Charles Herbert Flowers High School, and I’m currently in 10th grade. I developed an interest in science and technology; thus, I want to pursue a bio major in college. In the future, I want to become a cardiovascular surgeon and also conduct plastic surgeries.

Elsa Pirozzi!- I’m 16 and going into my junior year at School Without Walls High School. I want to be a medical examiner, but I also have a great interest in games. I speak French and I’m learning Japanese, but I think it’s important kids start their language education at a young age.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Lockheed Martin - Grace Hopper.