Tiffany X, Joyce J, Clodagh K

Our project is a website called "KXJ" made by three gals who love Korean skincare. The website is made for all people, both new and experienced, any gender or race, who are interested in Korean skincare. "KXJ" is an introduction to those who want to join the Korean skincare scene, but also helps experienced users evolve their skincare routine.

Your first impression of a person is almost always their face. Yet, for many people, their skin is a source of insecurity.

"KXJ" aims to clear skin as well as self-doubt. We recommend Korean skincare products that are personalized to each user in order to find the best solution for everyone. For those who are new to Korean skincare, we also outline the standard 10-step Korean skincare routine and allow users to explore different products.

One of our biggest problems was figuring out how to use JavaScript to create the personalized skincare quiz. We overcame it by discussing between one another and looking online for JavaScript tutorials.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GoDaddy Bay Area.