Katherine S, Melissa B, Galeighlea M, Liliana Z, Sapna P

The KMGLS Bot helps to fulfill the needs of those with health issues. Our project idea consists of an Arduino bot that has different features with different health purposes. Our target audience is anyone who needs a robotic friend to help them with their daily needs of taking medication, reaching for objects, relaxing when restless, and contacting medical assistance.

Teenagers become independent as they become older, and their parents age with them. Sometimes parents require help from us, but we might be busy with our own tasks or work. How can we take care of our parents when we become older?

The KMGLS bot is a great solution for people and their parents because of the robot's features, and how they can help not only parents, but anybody with health issues. These features include a touchscreen, a robotic arm, speakers, and a camera.

We didn't have enough time or the components to construct the entire robot and finish our project, but we were capable of creating the first and simplified prototype of what we envisioned as a team. We used the tools that came with the Arduino robot, the robot itself, and an LCD screen we bought to create a prototype that we were proud of.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Cadence BAY.