Annabel L., Sitra S., Caroline J., Taliyah E-M

A choose-your-own-path styled game with included mini-games coded with python on the kivy platform to inform others of the ongoing refugee crisis.

The global refugee crisis has become an increasingly prevalent problem in our world today. Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes and their countries due to internal conflicts and other issues. Few people fully understand the terrible struggles that refugees have to overcome when trying to find somewhere safe to live, and therefore few are willing to take action to help resolve this issue. We believe it is necessary for people across the globe to become more informed about the refugee crisis to make a difference.

Kivy is a text adventure game that follows the journey of a female refugee, named Kivy, struggling to flee her country during a civil war. We wanted to make it interactive and simple to make it easily understandable for users. Each step the player makes includes a detailed description of Kivy’s difficulties in order to allow people to realize what refugees go through. Once the game finishes, the user is shown multiple screens that provide more information and statistics about the refugee crisis in order to further emphasize the importance of this issue. We hope our game will make an impact on people's understanding of the issue, and will lead people to want to truly make a change.

The biggest challenge we had was finding a platform to create the game on. After doing research, we decided that the Kivy program was our best option, so we also had to learn how to use this it correctly since we none of us had any prior experience coding with it.

"It is a really informative game with stellar graphics and a compelling story."

Annabel is 17 and she is from Maryland.

Sitra is 17 and she is from Virginia.

Caroline is 16 and is from Virginia/Louisiana.

Taliyah is 16 and she is from Maryland.

We like waffles and coding.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (D.C.).