Learn about kindness from a story and choose your own adventure game!

Ansley N, Audrey S, Chloe B, Lilly N, Lola P, Maddie L, Ryan B

This project includes the beginning of an animated short about bringing kindness to a sad town and the beginning of a scenario-based 'choose your own adventure' game.

People in the community do not always use kind responses in everyday scenarios.

We are giving users a chance to explore the idea of kindness virtually in the hopes of helping them apply it to their daily life.

We had trouble getting the timing of our animation right in Scratch. To overcome it, we learned about broadcast blocks and practiced with group members who had used them before.

Ravenscroft Middle School Girls Who Code Kindness Group is a group of 6th grade students who are interested in making their community more kind through stories, advice, and games.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Ravenscroft Middle School Girls Who Code Kindness Group.