You're happy when you're healthy

Brianna T, Michelle L, Christina M, Ta'naejah R

Our project address different areas of self care and self love. In an environment where teenagers are constantly stressed and negligent of their health, we encourage a healthy lifestyle both in body and in mind. After all, you’re only happy when you’re healthy!

Often times, people, more specifically teenagers, neglect their health and well-being in high stress environments, lose self esteem, and become unmotivated.

In response to these issues, our website focuses on general areas of concern and offers different tips, advice, and features to encourage a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

As beginner programmers, our team struggled most with learning how to program different functions and features, and then even more when we came across errors.

"I wish I had this when I was in school because it would have made my life a lot easier."

We are four girls interested in promoting self care in teenagers. This is because many teens are stressed out with school and extracurricular activities. In the future, we want to change the world with technology and help with problems in society.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Autodesk.