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Leslie Y, Florinda M, Surya P, Karan S

JunoBot is a smartphone app using Bluetooth that can remotely control a robot by the same name. By using the app, users can control the movement of the JunoBot robot, making it move, spin, or even dance! JunoBot also has a range finder that communicates its distance from an object in binary code with LED lights.

We wanted a way to make smartphone entertainment more interactive.

For our project, we decided to design an app that could remotely control a physical robot, taking smartphone entertainment to a whole new level of engagement!

One challenge we faced while creating our project was figuring out how to use the app to send signals to the Bluetooth module, and then translate those signals into movements. After a great deal of research online, we realized that we had to use the SoftwareSerial library to have the Bluetooth module recognize the signals it was receiving. We then assigned those signals specific numbers, and use if statements to turn the received numbers into movements.

We’re “A Few Loose Screws” – a group of upcoming high school juniors attending the Verizon Girls Who Code Summer Immersion @ MIT BeaverWorks!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Verizon (Boston).