No graphics? No problem!

Reesha Y, Kelly F, Isabelle B, Sasha J

Everyone is different. We all have our own routines, our own obligations, our own lives. We have homework, grades, friend drama -- the works.  We go about our everyday lives with cool dispassion, often turning to technology to escape from the monotony of daily life. That’s why we have games, so we can entertain ourselves. So we can do something besides stare at a screen all day. Something besides talking to people about something that you might not even care about.

Through Girls Who Code we learned a lot about how technology can affect our lives. One thing that really left an impression on us was accessibility.  We thought about how video graphic games might neglect the 2.2% of users who are either blind or visually impaired. We concluded that we needed to make a game that welcomes each and every user. We decided to make a no graphic game project called project Invisure Games.

Our team decided to create a game that could be played by blind, and visually-impaired people. In order to do this we decided to create a “No- Graphic” game where everything is audio based, and the person can play by pressing a button in order to make a decision.

We faced many challenges over the course of this project. Being beginner level coders, we often got stuck in the loops and conditionals. One challenge we faced during this project was finding a way to make the game that would make it accessible to blind people which we eventually overcame by deciding to use audio output and having it on raspberry pi rather than a webpage/ phone app. We also spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to create a map for the game to follow, and cool names for places (and then not using it). A large part of our game was adding the audio to our code, to make it accessible to blind people and also describing objects and scenery without using sight words, “you see a …” or colors.

"I don't think anyone has ever thought about creating such a game before" - The guy who played Guitar Hero in Microsoft

Invisure Games was created by four high school seniors who met at the Summer Immersion Program of Girls Who Code in the Bay Area. Each of them have varying talents and passions such as creative writing, robotics, problem solving skills and community service which were essential in the creation of Invisure Games.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Microsoft (Bay Area).