"Get INTER-connected to your future"

Mirica Y, Gretchen F, Isabel M, Ahnia R

INTER is a website designed to help aspiring college students deal with the stress of searching for a college. Through our College Fit Finder, the user is allowed to choose the criteria they want the college to meet. We are also hoping to decrease the stress of current college students by giving them the resources to help them keep focused on their studies and reduce the cost of college.

The problem is that college in itself is very stressful. Choosing a college is a stressful and confusing endeavour that we've all been through or will soon be going through. We'd like to change that. We also recognize that people already in college are also struggling with the expense of college as well as the workload.

Since we can't change the college workload, we decided how to change HOW you search for a college and HOW you make college work for you. Through our College Fit Finder we've streamlined the process of searching for a college by having you, the user, enter the criteria you want it to have and then giving you what fits your needs. For students, already in college, we recognize your plight, and have dedicated a section of INTER into finding ways to keep you on track in your studies and keep you feed on a non-expensive, healthy budget!

Comments and Search were definitely our most difficult problems. We wanted a website that interacting with the user and allowed them to share their thoughts on a college and get opinions from other students on their potential college. It was very difficult because every user is an individual and therefore required individual settings. However, together we found different ways to complete comments and melded them together to get our perfect fit vision! Search was only accomplished on time with the help of our teacher, Sakina, who spent her personal time helping us complete our project. With her help, we accomplished what we wanted to do and improved it!

"It's going to be so useful for future students. I would use it. Actually, let me!" - GWC SYF Student

Mirica is a senior, and she bowls on the varsity team. She is looking into bowling scholarships to get to her dream jobs. Isabel is a junior. She loves the TV show SuperNatural, drums, and tackling new coding problems! Gretchen is a junior. She loves soccer and is looking to be an engineer in her future. And, last but not least, Ahnia is a senior. She loves doing volunteer services and golfing. Ahnia is looking at furthering her education at Bradley University.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Synchrony.