Inspired by Women

Inspired by Women

Inspired by inspiring women.

Jerin A, Jenifa A, Sinyoung B, Fawzia B, Athena G, Shamia K, Malak M, Leslie M, Diana O, Pase O, Pattaravee R, Niha R, Kalsang S, Tahseen S, Canan V, Deborah G (facilitator)

As beginning coders we knew very little about technology and coding when we first started. We decided to create a web page to showcase our beginning projects as we learned to code. We also gave voice to women who have inspired us by quoting their words and using them as our inspiration and presenting them to inspire others.

The problem we chose to address is the gender gap, which is the driving force of Girls Who Code. There have been and are strong, intelligent women who have advanced our culture. These women need to be spotlighted to encourage young girls to grow up and use their intelligence not only in technology but in society to improve the world. They need to believe from a young age that they can be important and successful.

We are addressing it by finding women from different times and countries who are respected leaders. We are presenting them on our page to inform others about how many inspirational, intelligent women there have been not only today but in history. We are interviewing and giving voice to women in our school so they could share the importance of technology in education, and how women need to have a presence in that industry. We are giving ourselves a voice by learning something new and being brave enough to present it on our own web page.

We had problems getting an internet connection throughout our club time in order to work on the website and also to research and find quotes from women. We resolved this by splitting up the research, with each girl researching and finding one inspirational woman's quote and picture at home. We also wrote our information at home. We then saved it on a Google Document and uploaded it to our site when the internet connection was stronger.

"Women have a long road ahead to find their place in the technology field. They have to start early, not only to learn the skills, but to be told to take chances and believe in themselves and their ability"

We are a group of 7th and 8th Grade Middle School Girls in Queens who love technology and coding. We began to learn coding in science, and enjoyed it so much we joined the Girls Who Code club that our science teacher created for our school.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Woodside Girls Who Code.