Valerie C., Shormie F., Laura G., Ella T.

In the Eyes of a Refugee includes an informational website that provides more information and resources about the Syrian Refugee crisis. The website supplements an interactive experience that can be downloaded from the website. The interactive experience allows the user to better understand the journey of a Syrian Refugees and includes the journey in words as a scrolling background.

The Syrian Civil War has been going on for five years, and does not seem to be resolved anytime soon. Because of the war, many Syrians are looking for refuge in surrounding Southwest Asian countries and in Europe to ensure better, safer lives. Unfortunately, although many people are aware of the ongoing crisis in Syria and the desperation of Syrian refugees, few fully understand the situation and are willing to take measures to help the refugees. We believe that awareness of the crisis is key to garner help for the Syrian refugees.

Our solution to this crisis was to make a website and a game. When making the website we were aiming at making it both informative and impactful to the reader. For the game, we didn’t have a specific age group we were targeting. We aimed to help the player have a better understanding of the difficult journey that a Syrian refugee has to make. Additionally, we made a storyline throughout the game that provided the player with more information about the journey, this made it more interactive as well.

We tried many methods to include collectible sprites and to change the player sprite based on the level. Looking for answers, we used our “SearchFu” to find resources. We also utilized Stack Overflow and Reddit, both of which were super helpful.

"Amazing projects at tonight's @adobe #GirlsWhoCode graduation. 'In the Eyes of a Refugee' brings awareness to the refugee crisis in #Syria. #girlswhocode2016" -@girlswhocode on Instagram

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (NYC).