ImPossible Game

ImPossible Game

Try to make it to the end without touching the spikes!

Yuyan K , Viviana L , Jazmin G

Game where you have to avoid the sharp objects and manage to get to the other end using the arrow keys. The levels of the game simulates the age groups of patients with Malaria and their chances of survival compares to the level of difficulty. The stars and the triangles simulates the bite of mosquitoes therefore having an effect when it comes in contact with the player.

We are including Malaria in the game to raise awareness on this disease. We feel as though it is talked about but nothing is done to help cure it. Therefore our problem in the game is to be able to reach the other side without hitting the sharp objects, This path could signify the achievement of surpassing the disease.

We made each level to be either hard or easy because the transmission of the disease changes by immunity of each age group.

Pygame - The numbers of functions made it confusing, and the collision didn't work for days. Challenge to connect from level 1 to 2 because the codes didn't run like expected.
Scratch - Trying to end the game exactly when the ball would collide with the spiky things was a problem. It kept lagging when it would end. The program itself would lag because there would be too much going on in the program.

Impossible game = Im-Possible Game

All of us are from the Atlanta region. We’re currently in high school, Yuyan is a rising junior while Viviana and Jazmin are rising seniors.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at ATT (Atlanta 1).