Spreading awareness, acceptance, and fun facts about immigration

Keira H., Grace R., Addison F., Caroline L., Christine D., Sierra D.

We created an app about immigration to spread awareness, acceptance, and fun facts.

We have so many new immigrants to our country and community, and they don't always get all of the help they need to become citizens.

We created an app to help immigrants know their rights and practice for their citizenship test. We also included a section with fun facts about immigration and immigrants for US citizens to learn more.

Grace: My technical issue was creating a score for the quiz.
Addison: I had trouble randomizing the questions, and adding the numbers to the card with the randomization
Keira: I learned how to create different cards and stacks and put different buttons and label them to make an app.
Caroline: I found it tedious to add in all of the different options for the quiz. After that, it was troublesome because I couldn't edit on my computer because I sent it to Addison for completion.
Christine: An issue I had was coding the navigation bar because I had to type a lot of code for each button, and sometimes I would mix up the codes. I solved my issue by re-reading my code, and I made sure I used the correct code needed to do the task.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Albuquerque Academy.