Blanca H, Natalia N, Sissi R

Our project is a website designed for people who are immigrants or who wish to know more about the topic. "Immigrants Matter" welcomes anyone who wishes to get informed or share their story.

The problem that we are addressing is immigration safety and letting people have the opportunity to speak on behalf of their story. Our reason for addressing this is the issues that have been occurring regarding immigration, and many people do not know how to stay safe in situations involving ICE or the Police. We are giving immigrants the chance to tell their story and let others listen. Immigrants don't all have the courage to speak up on things that they have gone through. Our target audience is immigrants and anyone trying to help or understand the topic.

Our website offers a safe space where people can share their stories on coming to the U.S. or their experiences entering the U.S. We give our users the opportunity to be anonymous and not to put their real information for safety purposes.

We also include a Know your Rights page to help people who do not know what to do in situations where ICE is involved.

Some problems we faced were that we figured out we had to change certain terminology and other common words used.

Another problem included getting our code to work. But, with asking for help, we were able to get it up and running.

"Great presentation and ideas expressed! Love the theme and project!"

Blanca is an incoming Junior in high school, while Natalia and Sissi are incoming Seniors. We didn’t have any experience with Computer Science prior to this program, and we now all enjoy coding! We are all Latina girls, which triggered our passion for this project. Natalia is a granddaughter of immigrants, Sissi is a daughter of immigrants, and Blanca is an immigrant. This brought us together and made our interests for this project much more sentimental.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at USC Marshall (LOS).