Navigate high school stress free!

Rayen A, Edysmar DC , Katrina D

Gone are the days you had to carry a heavy agenda in your book bag. With IgendaQuest you have the same functionality in a web based agenda. From navigating your school using a GPS, keeping track of events/assignments with your calendar to buying tickets for your schools events. You can even use our special feature to find out about community service projects near you!

High school can be a stressful time! Keeping track of all your extra-curricular activities and navigating a new school your freshman year. Not only is this stressful for students but parents as well. Keeping an order of all these events, assignments and community service hours can become stressful on students.

By creating an online agenda we tackle all these issues and much more. Students will have a way of navigating school their first day using our built in GPS function. They will be able find out about community service projects going on around them to get an early start on their hours. Parents will be able to purchase their students event tickets without the hassle of forgetting to give their child the cash. Students will have a calendar to upload all their events and more!

The main issue we faced in the making of IgendaQuest was debugging each other's code. It was solved through collaboration amongst teammates. As a group we learned to be patient when trying to figure out the code.

Three students interested in making their high school a more student friendly place as well as reducing the stress of high school. Rayen is a senior interested in Business , Edysamar loves journalism and Katrina has a passion for art. Together they designed a website to help both parents and students navigate high school stress free.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - FIU.