Literacy locator right at your fingertips.

Stephanie G, Jennifer T, Ericka P, Sarah I, Eniola T

Our project is a website that locates both little free libraries and public libraries. It also serves as an educational website that informs teens and young adults about the importance of reading. We have a page filled with trending books in selected genres and some well known authors with their books as well. Just in case a user isn’t fond of any listed books, we also linked a quiz to determine what genre and books they should read. Our project was created so people can have easier access to reading materials and be more motivated to begin reading and spreading literacy.

The problem we are trying to solve revolves around the lack of reading that exists among many groups of people. We have seen through research that there has been a decline in reading over the last couple of years, and want to change that.

We are addressing this problem by informing users about why reading is important and how it influences the human brain. Instead of just simply saying “Reading is good for you”, we also back that phrase up with facts and information on why exactly it is beneficial.

We also linked a quiz for people to find the perfect genre and book for them to start reading. The main feature, however, is the map that has locations of both free and public libraries that users can visit.

This site gives people easier access to reading materials and helps them begin a journey of literacy!

As time was coming down to the wire, we still struggled to implement a JSON file. But, we compensated for it by adding a global variable.

"Cute design and easy to use!"

"Books are great!"

"The map is very creative."

We are girls from the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program in Chicago! Our group decided to make a change in education by building a website that spreads and informs users about the importance (and greatness) of reading, and how beneficial it is.

I’m Stephanie, and I am passionate about reading and spreading it through others. Coding is a great way to do this, and I loved working with it. I plan to excel in programming throughout college and have a career in it. Us girls can definitely break the gender barrier!!

I’m Sarah, and I am passionate about changing the world through code. I’m also fond of anything creative or innovative that strikes my curiosity!

I’m Ericka, and I am passionate about changing the world! I want to make a change and learning how to code will help me along the way. 

I’m Jennifer, and I am passionate about spreading love and changing the world with kindness! Coding will definitely help me along the way in my dream career and the army. 

I’m Enny, and I am passionate about creating things that can change the world and have a positive impact on people. Coding will be of great help towards my career path!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Accenture CHI.