How Could I Resist

How Could I Resist

Inform people about the government and various causes.

Susan G, Meena A, Jessica D, Lynda P, Camille W

How Could I Resist is a website made to help inform the public about legislation and various causes that are being effected by the legislation. It can give information on rallies nearby, petitions, and will in the future have a political meme page. The creators of this project want to help create more equality in these crazy and distressing current times.

The lack of information in politics and ways to support causes a person cares about.

Giving access to information on politics and how to get involved with various causes.

The group struggled to get all the aspects into the final product in the short time frame, they eventually had to settle and focus more on an MVP and then they could add more once that was finished.

This was the social justice group at IBM Austin. They wanted to help get more people involved in political activism and to better inform others. They loved having the opportunity to learn to code and meet many people with similar interests.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at IBM (Austin).