Elevating the Disabled One Hand at a Time

Annie K, Daphne L, Ésha K, Serena Y, Vibha T

"Holding the Future" is a website that serves as a directory of products for people with limited mobility, as well as organizations that share our passion for creating equity for all. In addition, our website showcases inspiring female scientists who have overcome their perceived disabilities to create something that benefits their community and the world.

Many people do not know about specialized tools and organizations for the disabled around the world.

We have created a directory for organizations and possible products that empower individuals with different needs.

We lacked experience in JavaScript for creating the sorting mechanism on the Organizations page, but we eventually got it to work consistently with further research and trial and error.

We are a group of juniors and seniors who feel passionate about increasing accessibility to technology to everyone. Our interest was ignited through an inside joke about utensils, but quickly blossomed into the inspiration for our final project. We recognized that people with fewer abilities than us may not have access to appropriate tools for something as simple as mealtime. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to create a website to raise awareness, as well as offer a place to find tools and organizations for the benefit of everyone.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GoDaddy Bay Area.