Various high school advice from high school students

Berenice P, Char'lesia H, Hope T, Nana H

We all know that high school is very hard; there are times when we just want to give up because we are so lost, and while the adults may have good intentions, their advice just doesn't seem to work sometimes. We are here to tell you that you are not the only one. There are so many of us who all feel the exact same way, who all feel lost in high school. So, we here at Girls Who Code have come up with advice and information to get you through high school.

The problem currently is a lack of easy-to-navigate centralized advice about high school from high school students.

We are addressing it by creating a website to solve that problem.

Getting the dropdown menu to work was a hassle; we overcame that by going through tutorials online at, and by just messing around with the code in general.

Amanda Wong: "It's a wonderful resource for students everywhere. Love the website!"

Berenice Perez: My name is Berenice Perez. I go to De La Salle Institute, and I am a rising junior. I;m part of the National Honors Society, and have all honors classes. I am Mexican; I love to play soccer and go swimming. I live in Chicago. I attended the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program this summer (summer 2017). I will be the 1st generation of my family who will be attending to college. My years of high school so far have been a success; I always have ended with 4.0 or more GPA. My advice for you guys is to never give up, no matter how much you want to; instead find a motivation not to give up. Also, ask for help from your teachers and create a good relationship with your teachers because they will help you when you need them.

Char’lesia Hughes: My name is Char’lesia Hughes I am 16 years old and I am from Chicago. I attend The Noble Academy, a charter school, so we have a lot of rules and regulations that must be followed and a strong disciplinary culture. I come from a big family. I have five siblings on my mom side and six on my dad side of the family.I have done cheerleading for 2 years and counting and step for 8 years. My zodiac sign is a libra. I love sports/clubs that involves or builds a sisterhood because I love it when other women power one another and supports them.

Hope Tsai: Hello, I’m Hope, a rising junior, and I like to spend my free time reading, writing, singing, dancing, and, most recently, coding! Fun fact: I traveled all the way from Michigan to attend this program here in Chicago! High school can be an incredibly trying time of life for anyone, and so I wanted to help create a new website that would have all sorts of advice for each grade level; hopefully, this website can give you some new insights on how best to navigate these crazy years! My personal advice would be to know your own limits, and to set goals accordingly.

Nana Harrison: My name is Nana Harrison. I am from Accra, Ghana. I attend an all Girls Private school called Josephinum Academy. I as of 2017 a rising senior. I love to read and knitt and I aspire to become an Obgyn. My highschool experience was great. Ofcourse there were high and low moments, however I choose to surround myself near people who are postive and emit postive energy. Going to an all girls school; I have had a better understanding of girl power and the idea the women can do anything they put their mind to.  My advice to you would be to try new things in highschool. You never know what might peak your interest.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at UIC - Ada Lovelace.