Creating awareness for animals in need

Riya M, Sneha G, Anisha P, Sreenidhi S, Ruhika M, Parthavi P, Saanvi R, Snigdha J, Tara P, Sanjana V, Akshara S, Aastha B, Diya K, Samiksha K, Tweesha C, Anushka G, Ansha P

Our mission is to help animals in need. We want to give homeless animals a home, hungry animals food, and injured animals help. We also want to educate people about the importance of helping animals and how to care for animals, too.

We want to help animals in need.

We are trying to increase awareness about injured animals and how to care for them.

We had a variety of girls with coding experience, but we were still able to learn new skills together.

   Our little coding club was made at the beginning of the school year. In a couple of weeks, we had learned the basics of coding. Then, all we needed was a Girls Who Code impact project! We decided almost immediately that we wanted to help animals. 

     Our club was started by one of Fallon Middle School’s eight grade math teachers, Ms. Barrett. Around 36 girls showed up at the first meeting, and ten stayed until the end. There were mostly sixth graders, some seventh graders, and a few eight graders. To make our website, a few girls teamed up on the homepage while others started making the games, stories, and activities. In just one semester, we were almost done with our project!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Fallon Middle School Girls Who Code.