Home is where the heart is.

Melissa D, Amana T, Mariel C, Indira S

Everyone has a story, a past, and a chance to make their future brighter. Help NYC is a website that brings awareness to the stigma against the homeless. Our website provides different volunteering options, as well as options to donate to different shelters. However, our website is not only for the homeless as we give economically unstable people the option to find different shelters across the city. In the future, we want to be able to create events to raise funds to impact the homeless directly.

There is a great stigma against the homeless.

Our website gives New Yorkers opportunities to help the homeless directly.

The hardest challenge faced was creating the community chat. It was quite a task to get it to work. It was hard figuring out how to make the comments appear on the same page the audience is on. When we finally got the comments to appear, we had to work on the CSS, which another task itself, because the chat box was in scripted as an iframe. It took a lot of troubleshooting and a lot of hard work for us to finally get the whole code to run efficiently and to be the way we envisioned it.

"This website has lots of great information and is useful for finding homeless shelters nearby!" -Amelia Cacchione

We’re Amana, Melissa, Indira, and Mariel! We developed Help NYC to bring awareness of the stigma of the Homeless. We love to positively impact our community and we love to code!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (NYC).